Blogmas Day 5 – Favourite Christmas Films

What is it about Christmas Films that makes them so good? I even like the hallmark shitty ones on the Christmas 24 channel on Sky. You know the ones, they all have the exact same storyline and god awful acting but yet I still love them… why is that? It’s because they are Christmassy, magical, happy and about love… and boy, I am a sucker for love.

What’s better than sitting down with a cheeseboard (for myself) & a good Christmas film? Am I right?

So here is my top 5 Christmas Films, that truly encapsulate the spirit of Christmas for me…

No.5 – Arthur Christmas

Like Arthur is me. He believes in the magic that is Christmas & the thought of that magic not being there, even for one child breaks his heart. It is a beautiful story of ensuring everyone has Christmas & there present from Santa. James McAvoy & Bill Nighy are incredible and it makes me feel all gooey inside.

No.4 Miracle on 34 Street

Miracle makes me feel so nostalgic and takes me back to being 10 & watching it with my brother – I loved watching Christmas Films together & I think that’s probably why I like this film so much because of those memories. I also remember thinking that Santa is real and he lives among us, giving miracles out to those who need it most. Mara Wilson is just the best & I love every film she is in. BAE.

No.3 The Grinch

Not only is The Grinch one of my favourite Christmas Films but it is also one of my favourite films. It is always the first Christmas Film I watch, it really gets me in the spirit. I love the story, the idea of Whoville and Jim Carrey is just AMAZING! Me & Dan quote this film to each other all the time & we both love watching it. That’s why I love it. It reminds me of Dan.

No.2 The Polar Express

The Polar Express is Christmas to me. It is so beautiful & all about the magic and making the non believers, believe.

Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see.

I love that & it’s so true. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. That’s Christmas – it’s not something physical but a feeling. Embrace it.

No.1 Love Actually

Love Actually is one of my favourite films of all time! The story lines, the happiness, the love, the heartbreak, family, the presents, the sadness – Love Actually is real life, the ordinary but even the norm can be magical at Christmas.

I am obsessed with stories of love, a true romantic and this gives me what I need.

“If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that love actually is all around.”

That’s my list guys – I’m now off to watch them! (I’ve already watched The Grinch)

What are you favourite Christmas Films and why?

A x

10 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 5 – Favourite Christmas Films

  1. I’ve seen many of these done and not one time have I seen the polar express mentioned before this post 😁 so happy to see this on your list. One of my favs and a classic xxx 🌸

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    1. It’s just amazing isn’t it – I love i! I don’t know how I feel about them re doing it either. I just love it how it is! Polar Express is just so Christmassy, nothing else makes me feel like that does!xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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