Blogmas Day 6 – Spa Weekend @ Champneys

I’ve found it, my calling in life. I was born to be a lady of leisure, walking around in a robe, having massages, drinking heinous ginger shots and generally being fabulous. Where do I sign up for this life? Or does it just get bestowed upon me?

I took my best friend to Champneys for her birthday, she’s had a super tough year and needed some time to chill out and not think about reality. Champneys looked like the perfect place.

About Champneys @ Henlow

Life doesnโ€™t need to be so hectic, take some time at Champneys Henlow. A Cistercian monastery once stood on its grounds, now, Henlow Grange serves as the perfect countryside escape. With a robed and relaxed philosophy, youโ€™ll experience the finest of Champneys traditions. Steeped in history and heritage, and set in 150 acres of beautiful Bedfordshire parkland, this charming Georgian manor blends traditions of old with innovations of the new. With the River Hiz running through its perfectly preened gardens and in close proximity to the main building, few spas can lay claim to having their own weir. This picture perfect location is a photographerโ€™s dream. Pause and relax your schedule, let time stand still at Champneys.

I had booked a one night stay from Saturday to Sunday, which included Dinner, Breakfast and Lunch. I booked through Secret Escapes for ยฃ200, on a 52% discount – such a good deal.

Once you made a booking you receive a log in to the Champneys portal where you can book your treatments before you get there. Handy.

I booked an Aromatherapy Massage for the Saturday and a Elemis Facial and Hot Stone Massage for the Sunday. A rub down and a facial. Bit of me that is.

We arrived on the Saturday @ 14:00 and we were welcomed with a shot… bit naughty for a a health spa I thought, whilst quickly downing it. However, much to my surprise it was beetroot and ginger not vodka… Champneys, you need to disclose that information before I pour vegetable down my throat.

After the vegetable incident we were shown to our fabulous room…

I mean look at it – it was absolutely stunning. I felt like such a laaaady.

Henlow is a health spa – so severely lacking in carbs, chocolate and wine…. not ideal however, nothing gets in the way of me and my chocolate. We just snuck it in.

Chocolate. Crisps and two bottles of wine. Eddy and Patsy would have been proud.

We had to separate all of the food & wine so it didn’t rustle or clink as we walked in. I’ve never held a bag so tight.

We then spent the next 24 hours in and out of the pool, in the sauna and getting our treatments. I was living my best life, the life that was meant for me. I’m sure of it.

We had a fab stay. The treatments were incredible, I felt so relaxed and my skin felt amazing. The spa was stunning and the food was healthy but still so good.

But we just had such a lovely time together, messing around in the pool like kids. Walking around in robes and not thinking about normal life. Drinking wine and setting up a dating profile for my friend (she got 100 messages in 45 minutes… there are some weird people out there). It was so much fun to just be a girl with her friend, talking nonsense and being stupid.

We are definitely going to do it again.

A x

8 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 6 – Spa Weekend @ Champneys

  1. You sound so disappointed finding out the shot was actually vegetables hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€ Sound you guys had a wonderful stay, it sounded like fun ๐Ÿ™‚ I would’ve totally snuck in some snacks as well hahaha


    1. Darling I was expecting a JagerBomb not a shot of healthy veg hahaha!
      It was amazing, such a relaxing time but yes you have to a chocolate and carb stash everywhere you go – glad I am not the only one!! xx


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