Blogmas Day 7 – November Favourites 🖤

I haven’t done a favourites for ages, so I thought I would include it into my Blogmas. These are some of my favourite posts to read & to watch on YouTube. I love seeing what everyone is loving and getting inspiration.

I have previously done mine in categories so I will continue with that tradition.


Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream

I have never used an eye cream but as I am getting old I think it’s probably something I should introduce into my routine. I got this Eye Cream in a gift bag for Estée Lauder when I purchased my moisturiser & have been using it ever since (sample still hasn’t finished) and it’s been amazing. My eye bags are smaller, tighter and less dark. I will definitely purchase this when the sample runs out.

Food & Drink

Gingerbread Latte

I love Festive Drinks & Costa do them so well. They absolutely win the Christmas Drink Menu every year and this year is no different.

It is always a tradition of mine to taste every drink from the menu and find a favourite and then consume gallons of it for the next month… and this years winner is Gingerbread and Cream Latte.

Lovely Italian Espresso, Creamy Milk, Gingerbread Flavouring, Whipped Cream, Crumbled Gingerbread and a little Gingerbread man on top. It tastes of Christmas and I love them!

Do you have a favourite festive drink?



I have always loved Brie but for some reason in November I kept picking it up in the Supermarket. I love it on its own, with chutney or in a toastie with bacon – it really is my favourite.


Autumn & Winter is perfect for grabbing your duvet, getting tub full of snacks and migrating to the sofa for 48 hours to binge watch Netflix series…. and that is exactly what I have done. These are my favourite from November:

The Sinner


The Sinner has probably been a favourite of my entire year. It was one of the best series I have ever watched, thrilling, captivating and an all mighty twist.

No Spoilers will be given but this is a little synopsis taken from Netflix:

When a young mother inexplicably stabs a stranger to death, a sympathetic detective struggles to unlock the mystery buried in her missing memories.



My friend recommended Riverdale to me, as I love a Teen Drama! I started watching Season One in November and I watched it in 3 days… it was brilliant! Full of Teen Anxst, Terrible Parenting and Cheesy Story Lines!

Right up my street. I loved the moody, dark setting juxtaposed with the bright lights of the Cafe scenes. It was visually beautiful. As is Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones… I feel terrible having a thing for the little kid from Big Daddy who shouts ‘I Wipe my Own ASSSS! but boy he is broady, moody and damaged… and I am all for that.

Stranger Things


Stranger Things is one of the best TV Programmes I have ever watched. I love everything 80s, music, film, tv, clothing so this is visual ecstasy for me. It is like a mix of The Goonies, The Thing, Lost Boys all mixed together and I bloody love it.

The Second Series was even better than the first with Joe Keery and Gaten Matarazoo absolutely steeling the show for me. The thought of waiting for Series 3 kills me!!!!




I have never been more into Knitwear than I am this year. Any opportunity to wear an chunky oversized jumper then I am down.

These two are from New Look and I don’t think I have taken them off for the entire month. Put together with Skinny Jeans & Boots I feel so Autumnal and cosy!

I just want all the Knitwear!!!

That is my favourites for November – hope you enjoyed and please let me know yours. Also, let me know if you have seen any of those Netflix series, what you thought and if you have any recommendations for new series to watch! I love talking about TV Series!!! 

A x

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