Blogmas Day 8 – My Favourite Podcasts 

Since going into a Field Based role this year, I now spend the majority of my time in the car. Whilst I love listening to music, if I am in the car for hours I get a bit lonely and start talking to myself…

To battle this state of crazy a friend of mine recommended listening to Podcasts, she said they were free, you could download them onto your phone and play them through my cars bluetooth… this is probably one of the best recommendations I have ever had, the podcasts have battled my loneliness and really make me feel like I am part of a conversation with my friends. It keeps me alert, entertained and I now look forward to long journeys when I have a new Podcast to listen to.

These are my Favourite Podcasts…

The Last Podcast on the Left


Last Podcast on the Left barrels headlong into all things horror — as hosts Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski cover dark subjects spanning Jeffrey Dahmer, werewolves, Jonestown, iconic hauntings, the history of war crimes, and more. Whether it’s cults, killers, or cryptid encounters, Last Podcast on the Left laughs into the abyss that is the dark side of humanity.

I have a morbid fascination with Serial Killers, Conspiracy Theory, Cults and all thats weird in the world and this Podcast absolutely hits this for me.

Marcus, Ben and Henry are fucking hilarious and I find myself laughing at things I really shouldn’t be. The Podcast is very rude, but I love that kind of humour. I have learnt so much about the above subjects, if you are at all interested in the morbid and weird, and have a bit of a sick sense of humour – you will love this Podcast.

There is a hug back catalog of Episodes & they release a new one every Saturday.

My Dad Wrote a Porno


Imagine if your dad wrote a dirty book. Most people would try to ignore it – but not Jamie Morton. Instead, he decided to read it to the world in this groundbreaking comedy podcast. With the help of his best mates, James Cooper and Alice Levine, Jamie reads a chapter a week and discovers more about his father than he ever bargained for.

As it says in the description, Jamie’s dad wrote an erotic novel and he reads a chapter every episode with his friends (if you listen to Radio 1, you will know Alice). I cannot tell you how funny this Podcast is, it makes me cry with laughter – it is absolutely genius & the three friends are just amazing together.

The amount of success, celebrity listeners and fans they have in a short time,  shows how brilliant this podcast is.

There has been 3 series – so you are in for a binge treat if you listen.

Three Shots of Tequila


The #3ShotsOfTequila Podcast is a fun and light hearted podcast about any and everything underneath the sun.

From sex and relationships to religion and current affairs. Nothing is off limits.

We are just 3 men who tell it as it as…

This Podcast is hosted by Tazer Black, Keith Dube and Marvin Abbey – three men from London. I love this podcast because it is all about relationships, sex, friendships and dilemmas but all from a male point of view. As a female I find it really interesting to hear how a man things about situations & how much it differs to how I do. Again, like the others it is hilarious and I love the friendship and banter they share between them.

There is a new episode every Friday!

The XFM Vault – The Ricky Gervais Show


The Ricky Gervais Show on Xfm is where Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant first met Karl Pilkington. The trio, who have been talking drivel ever since, later went on to create one of the most downloaded podcasts in history.

This programme brings you the best bits from archived material from the first series of the Ricky Gervais Show featuring Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington and includes hilarious classics such as the Horse in the House, The Ricky Gervais Film Review and Karl’s GCSE results.

I have been listening to this Podcast for years and is my all time favourite. Ricky Gervais is my favourite comedian and pair him with Steve Merchant and Karl Pilkington, this podcast is comedy gold. These Podcasts were all recorded before Karl was famous, it was when he was their producer – if you love Karl then you need to listen to these – you got the raw grumpy, weirdness of him and it is brilliant.

I have listened to them over and over again, it never gets old and never fails to make me laugh.

These are old archived podcasts, so there are a episodes on Audible.Com or you can listen to them all on YouTube.

Do you have a favourite podcast? Have you listened to any of these? 

A x

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