Blogmas Day 10 – Disney Tattoo Sleeve Update

If you read my post back in August you’ll know I started my Disney Sleeve. Click here to read the post to see why I wanted my sleeve, who my tattooist is and what my ideas are.

Since that first update & my first Disney Princess entry, Belle. I have been back to see Toni 3 times. First to have Ariel then Jasmine added.

Yesterday I had the princess finished (Jasmine clothes, Ariels Tail and the water surrounding Ariel) and this is where we are currently…

Excuse the terrible video quality & Jingle all The Way in the background…

Belle’s Rose still needs finishing but because it’s a cover up it’s taking a bit longer. Also the placement of it is fuckin painful, it’s the worst I’ve ever felt (don’t ever tattoo that far down your wrist TRUST ME) – so I’ve been avoiding finishing that off.

We’ve got a long way to go & it will probably take the majority of 2018 to get it all finished but I am enjoying the journey and I love spending time with Toni.

Next is Mulan to go on the under side of my forearm in February ๐Ÿ’œ

My Tattooist is Toni Gwilliam & you can find her work and contact her @ Toni Gwilliam

What do you guys think?


15 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 10 – Disney Tattoo Sleeve Update

  1. omg i love you. I fucking HATED getting my wrist done; to the point I flinched too much that the artist didn’t add enough detail and it needs redoing but i am totally chickening out. Your sleeve looks absolutely drop dead GORGEOUS. It’s a beauty xx

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    1. Thanks so much boo !!! Oh my god tell me about it, both times sheโ€™s put the lines down and then coloured it Iโ€™ve bled like nothing and itโ€™s swollen up so badly youโ€™d think I have elephantitis!!! Itโ€™s just too much for me to cope with! Thank you so much ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ˜Š xxx


  2. Oh my goodness! This is so cool! I don’t have any tattoos because I’m a big baby with needles and pain, but I would love a Belle tattoo! She’s my absolute fave!


      1. I started it last Summer! I just have a crescent moon with some flowers at the minute but I want to have a floral half sleeve on the top, it’s just figuring out what it is I actually want! xxx

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