Blogmas Day 17 – Christmas Date Night – Mexican and Star Wars

Spending time with your loved ones this time of the year is the most important thing (apart from the food) so Dan & I had a Date Night last night, Chiquito and Star Wars!

Chiquito is a Mexican Chain Restaurant in the UK, I have never actually been to one before which is strange as I love Mexican food… Spice & Cheese!!!

Here at Chiquito weโ€™re passionate about food! Our dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients, packed full of flavour to really tantalise your taste buds. Whether youโ€™re looking for a tempting treat, a light bite or the main event, Chiquito is the place to be!

The Menu is full of Mexican Favourites, Fajitas, Burritos, Enchiladas, Nachos. You can pick your meat, your spice, fajita style and build your own meal. They also have a separate Gluten Free Menu, which is as big as the normal menu.

I went for a Chicken Enchilada with a hot sauce and Dan had a pulled pork chimichanga, we also had sweet potato fries and chicken wings.



The food was really good, fresh and yummy. The only negative was that they didn’t have any halloumi… this girl always wants to eat halloumi.

The restaurant is lively, loud music, fun and has a massive cocktail menu – it would be a great place to go with friends.

Dan taught me a new trick, to be able to nose at other peoples food choice…


Pretend to rub your eye & your other eye just naturally looks in another direction… I:E another persons plate of food… I mean you have to check out the competition. Am I wrong?

You can take a look at the menu and find your local Chiquito’s here.

We then skipped across the Shopping Centre to the IMAX where we watched The Last Jedi… no spoilers here but it was absolutely brilliant – funny, actioned packed and emotive… and not where I expected them to take the narrative at all. Go and see it!

Dan’s best Luke Skywalker….


Overall, a very lovely Date Night

Have you been to Chiquito’s? Or any other good Mexican Restaurants? Have you seen The Last Jedi?

A x

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