Blogmas Day 19 – Top 5 TV Christmas Specials

I think I love Christmas TV specials just as much as I love Christmas films. I also think it’s acceptable to watch them throughout the year, more so than the films. However, there’s 5 specials I leave for December and I always get excited to watch them.

Is it just me or do we not get good Christmas Specials anymore – I think it’s because we don’t have BBC Sitcoms like we used to. It’s just not the same and very disappointing. Getting the Christmas Radio Times and circling the Christmas Specials was a favourite but alas no more.

These are my 5 favourite Christmas specials


Him & Her

This was a fantastic BBC3 cult favourite TV show (if you’ve watched it please let me know, I don’t know anyone that has) and the Christmas Special is amazing. I love Steve and Becky, their relationship with each other & their relationship with their families. It is hilarious & plays on my Christmas heart strings.


The Royal Family – 1999

Who doesn’t love The Royal Family? It is part of British culture our DNA. This episode is absolutely beautiful and strays from the comedy that usually ensues but shows the emotional side of Jim Royal and his relationship with his daughter, Denise. It’s a beautiful piece of Christmas TV.


Black Mirror – White Christmas


Black Mirror is my favourite programme, possibly of all time. This Christmas Special is typical BM – a dark foreshadowing of dystopian technology that takes Christmas and turns it upside down. Jon Hamm and Rafe Spall are incredible in this episode. This episode doesn’t instil Christmas joy because it is so dark but it is fantastic TV and I highly recommend it.


Gavin & Stacey


Gavin & Stacey just gets it right. It is laugh out loud belly hurting funny one minute & the next making you weep out your emotions. It is British Comedy at it’s finest. Gavin and Smithy singing ‘Do they know it’s Christmas’ is perfect, along with tin foil wrapped presents and a perfectly prepped turkey.

1 )

The Office


To me Ricky Gervais is a genius. The Office and David Brent are the best Sit Com & character ever written and these Christmas Specials are the perfect send off for the characters (they aren’t in Life on the Road). It is typical Gervais – toe curling cringe worthy but with the most romantic, beautiful ending. Tim & Dawn finally kissing to the wonderful soundtrack of Only You by Yazoo is perfect, it makes me cry every time and feels so Christmassy.

What are your favourite Christmas Specials?

A xΒ 

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