My very late but no less important Goals for 2018…

So I guess my first goal for 2018 should be not to wait a whole month to post something…?

Seriously though who counts January as an actual month, it is like a pretend start to the year, a practice month if you will; not one where you actually have to be complete anything…. I will keep telling myself that anyway.

I have had this post sat in my drafts since the 30th December, so I apologise for the lateness & possible non relevance to a Goals post, however I still wanted to get them written down and out there (I really feel there is a stronger sense of ownership when you write something down) and also want to tell you my progress on them so far.

I hate the word Resolution, I am sure if you re-arrange the letters it is an anagram for failure. Everyone I know, myself included, that has ever had a resolution fails with a month; I can my past self saying “I will limit how much chocolate I will eat this year” and in the same breath shoving a super size Toblerone down my gullet. Never works. Going to fail.

I think it is because we think to broadly with a Resolution, I mean who in the right mind will actually give up Chocolate? You need to break it down and have smaller, achievable goals… so that is what I am going to focus on this year.

Main Goal – Be Healthy

Smaller Goals to achieve this

  • I stopped smoking in November, so my goal is to continue with that focus and don’t fall back into it. I smoked for 10 years so it has been a hard habit to kick.
  • Start exercising  – by the end of the year I want to be doing at least 30 minutes of some aerobic exercise, 3 times a week.
  • Mindful of my eating habits & making healthy choices.


  • Despite what I said above… I actually haven’t eaten a morsel of chocolate since 1st Jan… that my friends is a fuckin achievement.
  •  I started a Food Dairy and I use it every day to track what I eat and I am loosely following the Slimming World Diet (just not attending group). I absolutely love stationary so this has pretty & girly dairy really motivated me & I love the stickers, it is a motivator just to be able to use one!
  • In 4 weeks I have lost 15.5 lbs which is amazing and I am notMy  going to stop until I feel healthier and happier within myself.
  • I feel as if I have got my eating under control and making much healthier decisions. On the times I have gone out to eat I have eaten a salad and when my family are having a takeaway I will make myself a healthier ‘fake away’ version and amazingly at no point have I been envious of those eating something different.
  • I now need to start exercising and I think I am going to join a Jazzercise Club, which is completely out of my comfort zone but I need to push myself.

My Food Diary is from Princess Planning  where you can customize your own to suit lifestyle option and style of dairy and the Stickers are from The Geeky Planner , where you can find loads of fab stickers.

Main Goal – Buying a House

Smaller Goals to achieve this

Let me just set the tone – we aren’t going to be able to buy our house in 2018 but this year is about getting our finances in place, paying of debt and getting a deposit together so that we can buy in 2019.

  • Organizing and Understanding my financial position, what I need for rent, food, what I can save, bills, etc
  • Being realistic with how much I can save and spend, leave enough to be comfortable throughout the month. Don’t set yourself up for failure.
  • I have purchased a Bills and Expenses organizer to keep on to off this. I will keep everything logged here.
  • Consolidating debt so it is one place and easier to pay off.
  • Asking myself “Do I really need this” before buying it… more than likely I don’t.

My Blog

  • To actually post more than once a month…!
  • I need to set more realistic goals for this blog, as I cannot find the time to write more than once a week – it just doesn’t work for me.
  • So, I am going to post every Sunday for now & when work settles down I will review and see if I can add a Wednesday post in also.
  • I have lots of exciting Trips this year & it is my 30th Birthday so there will be lots of great travel content which I cannot wait to write about.

As always, my main goal is always to be happy, live in the moment and create wonderful memories with those I love.

A x

What are your focuses for the year? Do you have any tips for me on mine?

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