Beauty Tip|Microwaving your Beauty Blender

If you pack a lot of foundation on your face like I do, then chances are your Beauty Blender is going to get filthy pretty quickly. Usually I would fork out for a new one, however, in light of being thrifty Abby this year, I needed to find a way to not go through them so quickly.

I have tried washing them in the past but for some reason they disintegrate and get holes when I handle them too much when wet.

I have read articles on cleaning them via the microwave and just thought it was another Make your iPhone battery last by putting it in Microwave joke.

One day I looked at my rock hard, filthy sponge and thought… this is grim I can’t continue to rub this stone on my face and decided to give the microwave a go.

This is what happened.

So my sponge looked this to begin with, I think we can all agree it is vile. I apologise for being so gross and continuing to use it. Ffs it’s the colour of the wood surfaces…

I popped it in a mug with some water and a dash of fairy liquid/washing up liquid and put it in the microwave, that’s what the article said it needed – clean in a minute. I mean it’s filthy so I am pretty dubious at this point.

It budged a bit of it, so I did it for another minute…

It looks a bit better, we are seeing the original colour of it now, however the top of it is still pretty caked. I do it again and again – 5 times to be exact.


So it took 5 minutes and I emptied the mug and put fresh water & fairy liquid in every time (gave it a squeeze after each turn, be careful I burnt my fingers) but I think that’s pretty good. It didn’t disintegrate or get holes and it returned to its original state.

So guys, you don’t need to shell out every time your sponge gets worse for wear. Shove it in the microwave!

A x

Has anyone used this trick before?

20 thoughts on “Beauty Tip|Microwaving your Beauty Blender

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