Blotting/Oil Absorbing Papers| Why Use Them & Which Ones

Huns. As you have probably realised a lot of my Make Up & Skin Care techniques or hacks are to try and keep my oily skin at bay. This is what I spend most attention on. There is nothing I hate more than catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror throughout the day and seeing  shinning forehead staring back at me.

Even though I use dedicated Skin Care & Foundation to combat oil & matify my skin – I can still suffer with an oily complexion, especially in the summer or that dreaded time of the month.

One of my hacks is to carry around some Blotting Papers/Oil Absorbing Papers. I found these pocket size life savers around the time I got married. I needed something to keep me oil free as I was getting married in the 35 Degree Italian sun, in a huge princess dress…obvs, and I didn’t want to look back at pictures and see a sweaty, oily mess staring back.

These papers are incredible and completely combat an oily complexion instantly, without removing any of your make up. Simply dab one on the areas that are oily & you are back to being a Matte Goddess. Perfect beauty accessory for everyday life and an essential for your summer holiday.

Here are some of the best you can get on the Highstreet for a fab price:

NYX Blotting Paper – £4 Boots


These are the original NYX Papers but you can also get them in Tea Tree and Green Tea for an oil free, refreshed make up look.

MUA Make Up Academy – £3 Superdrug


Lightweight blotting paper gently fragranced with Jasmine. Each sheet softly removes excess oil and shine from the face in an instant without smudging makeup.

Superdrug Mattifying Shine Control Papers – £2.99 img_3586

Shine control papers that absorb excess oil and deliver an instant matte finish


Deep Action Mattifying Shine Control Papers instantly absorb excess oil from the skin’s surface while leaving behind a trace of translucent mattifying powder for a smooth, shine-free finish. Ideal for everyday use.

T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Papers – £2.99 Superdrug


T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo No-Shine Papers help to blot excess oil, leaving shine-free and healthy-looking skin.


They have been specially designed to: Instantly remove excess oil, Control Shine, Not disturb make up

Bobbi Brown Blotting Papers – £9

img_3588These are the papers I currently have & used for my Wedding and they were fabulous.

If you suffer with an oily complexion & with the summer coming, then these pock sized papers are one of the best, most affordable hacks

A x

Does anyone else currently use these? Is this something you would use? What are your thoughts, I would love to know!

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