Dear Instagram. You are stressing me out.

Instagram this time of year really stresses me out. All I see is beautiful people, looking flawless and scantily clad. I can never post pictures like this. I will never be comfortable enough in my own skin to put myself on the internet for all to judge. I am not for one second saying this is a bad thing – if you want to show off what you got, hunny you do you boo, I applaud you, but that would never be me.

I see these beautiful pictures stack up the likes & I am like…Do I need to get my flaps and nips out to get me and my blog out there? Why won’t my lovely pictures of food,  flowers, landscapes and travel do this? What happened to liking good old fashion photography.

I don’t know how girls do it… seriously, how do you do it? How do you look so unreal sat in the sun? Even if I was completely comfortable in my own skin & had the socially acceptable ‘bikini body’ (don’t get me started). I would still be unbelievably sweaty (mostly around the moustache area), my hair would either be uncontrollably frizzy or wet and stuck to my mug and my bikini bottoms would still be permanently stuck up my bum cheeks, & I’d look like I was scratching my arse getting them out. Maybe I just can’t do sexy. Maybe that’s it.

I don’t want that though. I want people to read my blog and like my pictures because they find me interesting, or they like my style of photography. I guess that’s just not how it works anymore. If you aren’t posting pictures like this, or don’t take exclusive 5* holidays to fucking Neverland – you just have to work that much harder.

So – I will carry on being Pumba at the watering hole, scratching my arse and sitting on my sun lounger with my flab (not flaps) out. Taking my pictures and working on my content & admire the beautiful people whilst I do it because that’s me and who I am.

Dear Instagram. #FlabnotFlaps

A x

26 thoughts on “Dear Instagram. You are stressing me out.

  1. It better to be honest, then one of those Instagram posers desperately fishing for attention n likes. Its all.about validation in that world. Fuck em, don’t let ppl like that make u feel.bad.ever!

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  2. Truth! We take millions of pictures and never post one because we don’t look like the “other” girls. Sometimes I want to delete social media.

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      1. My insta is @aublogger lovely 😊
        Yes definitely ! My role is field based so I stay down in Portsmouth and Winchester quite a lot – so I can always come over to Southampton one evening!


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