Disney Tattoo Update|Mulan, Tink & Disney Park Gang

Hi Gang,

I have had a few more Tattoos/Additions to my Sleeve since my last post – so I thought I would share with you how it is coming along.

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My Sleeve has been an on-going process for almost a year, with different Princess, colour and flowers added each time. It will probably take another 6 months until it is finished. The process takes a long time, the actual tattoo appointment ( I have 3 hours of torture each time), the healing stage & repeat. It also isn’t cheap – you really need to think about the time and money you need to invest if you want a sleeve. I save money monthly & put it into my Tattoo pot so I can afford to see Toni monthly. However, the outcome is pure Disney MAGIC.

So far I have Belle, Jasmine, Ariel, Mulan and Tinkerbell and we Rapunzul, Moana and Tiana to go!

My newest additions are Tinkerbell, Jasmine’s colour, flowers and water added to it.

I have also had a Disney Park Tattoo on my calf in memory of mine and Dan’s amazing trip in April. Look at the gang althogether, I just love them (I have an urge to sing “do you wanna be in my gang” but that is totes inapprops) The colour still needs to be added, which will be done at a later appointment but I LOVE it.

img_5304I can hear you saying, “Abby why are you so sad & only want Disney tattoos on you – are you a walking Disney Store” well my judgey friends… my next appointment in a couple of weeks will be Non Disney but actually … HARRY POTTER!!! Yes, you’ve got it, I am 30 years old and only have child related Tattoos don’t even worry yourself about my life choices, I live in nostalgia and embrace my inner Peter Pan babes. Neverland here I bloody come.

Talk to me about your tattoos guys – what do you like to have on your body?ย 

A x

23 thoughts on “Disney Tattoo Update|Mulan, Tink & Disney Park Gang

    1. Ah thanks my lovely ! I absolutely love it – each one just gets better and better ! Iโ€™m so excited for the Potter one – Iโ€™ve kind of just told her that I want it to include Snape and Lillyโ€™s Doe Patronus, a bottle of Felix Felicis, Hogwarts & a quote from JK – I left the rest for her to draw, so lets see what gets drawn up ๐Ÿ˜Š xxx

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      1. This would be a great time to ask this question actually – (don’t kill me) but I’ve only ever seen the first and second to last film, and read none of the books. I’ve wanted to read them for a long time but every time I’ve gone to pick them up people have told me not to because they’re kids books aimed at children – what do you think, would I enjoy them still?? xxx

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      2. …. firstly – I CANT BELIEVE YOU HAVENโ€™T READ THEM and secondly, who are these people that have told you not to read them, they are wrongo. Iโ€™ve read them about 20 times and they only get better as an adult. Read the books Chlo, you will not be disappointed. They are & always will be the best books of all time. Itโ€™s about magic and hope… whatโ€™s not to love?xxx

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      3. I know !! I’m so sorry. I’ve just never really been into it, I was never one of those kids! I want to read the books now though and then watch the films afterwards but people are like noo they’re aimed at kids you’re not gonna enjoy reading them now. Which I thought was bizarre because HP is for all ages right and correct me if I’m wrong but would JK Rowling write books THAT long if they were aimed for little children? I think not. I feel like September / October is a good time for me to start after I’ve read all my Summer fluff !! xxx

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      4. Yes, donโ€™t watch the films until youโ€™ve read the books. You need the books because there are extra bits that donโ€™t make the films & it helps with the larger narrative of the Wizarding World- also helps with watching Fantastic Beasts as well (which you will need to watch after, just as amazing) The books start off a little bit light and the last 3 are really dark, which is much more directed to adults. They 100% are not just for children. Thatโ€™s like saying Disney is only for Children. These people donโ€™t embrace their inner child or use there imagination – I feel sad for them. Definitely read them in Autumn. Summer is for easy reads!xxx

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  1. I am absolutely in love with your tattoos! I would love to have a Disney themed sleeve but I’m no good with pain so I don’t think I could cope with having a tattoo! Your Mulan one and the one of your calf are definitely my favourites!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

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    1. Ah thank you so much hun! I am not very good with the pain either if Iโ€™m honest – I can only do 3 hour sessions and by the end of that Iโ€™m in agony but I just think itโ€™s worth it!
      I think Mulan is mine too! Iโ€™m having the one on my calf finished this coming Saturday & Rapunzul and Tiana outlined on my sleeve! I canโ€™t wait!xxx


      1. I wouldn’t be able to do 3 minutes let alone 3 hours I’m terrible literally it hurt me to have my belly button pierced so you can imagine what I’d be like with a tattoo! That sounds amazing I can’t wait to see them when you’ve added to it!! xxx


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