The Body Shop July Haul 🌿🌼

Why do all of your Skin Care products run out at the same time? I am sure they get together & conduct a masterplan to make more poor. As my Cleanser, Toner and day time Moisturiser ran out at the same time I had to take a trip into The Body Shop. I wanted to drop in anyway, as I had seen the new Banana range and as a banana lover I needed to give them a whiff.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I love the Body Shop, their products and ethos – that it makes me feel good for buying their products. It is a great store, with a fab messaging and well-priced products that actually work.

I went in and picked up my usual Seaweed Toner (you can see what I think about this product here) and then a couple of new products.

Banana Body Yogurt – £8.50

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 13.53.08

Don’t wait to get dressed! Jump straight into your jeans with our special edition Banana Body Yogurt. The new, lightweight formula absorbs instantly and provides up to 48 hours of lightweight moisture – just apply straight to damp skin after showering or dry skin. A special edition scent for summer, the 100% vegan gel-cream is enriched with Community Trade organic banana puree and organic almond milk.

This product is 100% Vegan and is made from the reject (sob) bananas that cannot be sold in the food industry. It is really lightweight, non greasy and dries right away. Not only that is smells absolutely unbelievable.

Banana Truly Nourishing Hair Mask – £12.00

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 13.57.58

Featuring a delicious blend of Community Trade natural-origin ingredients, including organic banana puree from Ecuador and Brazil nut oil from Peru. Enriched with Brazilian cupuaçu, this 100% vegan, once-a-week treatment leaves hair feeling intensely nourished from root-to-tip. Locks look less frizzy and instantly shinier, all without weighing them down.

I really love a Hair Mask – it is such a nice ritual as part of my Sunday bath routine. Soft, glossy hair makes me feel a million dollars. I have wanted to try the Coco & Eve Mask for a long time but it is £34.00… that is crazy money for a hair mask and I can’t justify it. I brought this as it is less then half price and the reviews have been amazing. It was actually sold out in my local store & they had a delivery as I went it so I managed to get one!

Vitamin E Gel Moisture Cream – £13.00

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 14.03.02

Help protect your skin from external aggressors and lock in moisture for 48-hour hydration with our new Vitamin E Gel Moisture Cream. This oil-free, lightweight and fast absorbing daily moisturiser is formulated with natural origin hyaluronic acid, from bio-fermented wheat-germ from Pomacle, France and raspberry extract, containing Vitamin E, to refresh and re-plump with moisture.

I usually use the Seaweed Oil Control Moisturiser which works fab for my oily skin, I find using a heavy day cream makes my moisturiser slide so a light weight, quick drying gel works fab. This is the new Gel version of the original cream Vitamin E moisturiser so I thought I would try it out and see how it differs from the Seaweed one.

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 14.10.23

A 3-in-1 product which can be used as a wash, a scrub or a mask to combat blemishes and excess oil.
  • When used as a wash, the foaming clay removes impurities and excess oil
  • As a scrub, the exfoliants unclog pores, smooth skin’s surface and reduce the appearance of blackheads
  • When applied as a mask, the drying clay reduces blackheads and shine, deeply cleanses, mattifies and tightens pores.

Again I usually use the Seaweed Cleanser, which has always worked and leaves my skin feeling super fresh. I just think you need to try different products as your skin can get used to one thing & the benefits aren’t what they used to be. This cleanser is for oily skin, reducing pores and mattfying which are my three problem areas so hopefully it works as well as the Seaweed.

Have you tried the new banana range or any of these other products? What is your favourite Body Shop product?

A x

*All product information and pictures are taken from The Body Shop website.

24 thoughts on “The Body Shop July Haul 🌿🌼

  1. I just went into TBS today but I had to pull out my inner self control as I just did lots of clothes shopping hahaha 😀 The Banan Youghurt consistency is so lovely, but I think it too much Banana-ey for me 😛 I have the Almond one instead, which is divine but more subtle.

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    1. Hahahah I know what you mean! I always do that but then want to buy everything and anything from TBS!
      I totally understand what you mean it is very banana-ey I just love that smell! The almond was beautiful as well I almost got that too 😂 x


  2. Definitely interested in the hair mask, especially one that is scented after bananas! I want my hair to be more shiny and healthy and I think that this will be the best route. I loved your post, it was really helpful for me! x

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  3. The Body Shop is my obsession I swear, I’ve been using their coconut body scrub lately (though it smells more like sun cream and I need to get a new scent when I run out) but I love it. I reeeeally need that banana body yogurt !!xx


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