Crushed Tonic|Collagen, Probiotics & Biotin

Who out there wants to feel their best on the inside & look their best on the outside? I think we all do right. What if I tell you these little packets of magic contain the perfect, well sourced ingredients to do just that.

Crushed Tonic‘s ethos is to provide an anti-aging, wellness cocktail that is easy and delicious – you simply add the powder to coffee, smoothies or orange juice. They are specifically designed to nourish you at your cellular level, with each of the three ingestible ingredients (collagen, probiotics and biotin) targeting specific areas to makes your entire body feel healthier.

I am working with Crushed Tonic to shed light on the benefits of these magic drinks. Sally, the founder at Crushed Tonic, has kindly gifted me 30 days worth of mixed Crushed Tonic drinks (Original, Turmeric and Matcha) and I will take you along with me to explain the benefits and the changes I see with my skin, hair and general well being.

Did you know that after the age of 25, your body starts to lose its ability to produce collagen, this super-protein that makes up over 75% of your skin, hair, nails, bones, and muscles. Without these gatekeepers of hydration and moisture in your skin and hair cells, you may have started seeing things like wrinkles, dark circles, and thinning hair.

…scary stuff right.

Well, Sally says that it has been clinically proven that the benefits of the collagen in these Crush’s will replenish you at your cellular level in 2-4 weeks, which is why the 30 day drink kit is the suggested preference. Seeing as I am a little older than 25, I want to make sure my skin and hair is looked after so I cannot wait to give these drinks a go.

Below is some more information on the Crush’s, the different flavours and why collagen.

Crushed Tonic 1

Crushed Tonic 2

Crushed Tonic 3

Crushed Tonic can be brought online through their website, which can be found here and it is also for sale in Sephora.

I am starting my 30 days today & I will update you half way through and at the end to give you my honest opinion on the benefits, changes and taste of the drinks. See you in 15 days huns.

A x

Has anyone tried Crushed Tonic yet? Do you have any suggestions on ways to drink?

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