2 Years of Marriage.

I cannot believe how quickly these 2 years have gone. This time 2 years ago I was getting ready to walk down the aisle and I was absolutely shitting it. I then received this postcard & a pot of nutella to my Hotel Room and the nerves went, I was just overwhelmed with excitement to marry my best friend.

That day was the best day of my life, we were in my favorite place in the world, Italy, surrounded by our most loved people and it was full of happiness and laughter. I wish we could do it all again but having the memories will always be enough. The last two years have been amazing, we have traveled, explored but most of the time done absolutely nothing… but it’s always been with laughter. We work because we are best friends & we never loose sight of that. We don’t argue because life is too short. We just love each other, always talk and respect each others space and time- that’s the key.

I am lucky to be married to Dan – he is kind, thoughtful, laid back, understanding and patient. The complete opposite of me. He puts up with my over thinking and impatience, my obsession love for all things magical, my incessant need to take 500 photographs before he can eat anything and my need to sometimes just be on my own, with my own thoughts. I am very aware I am not the easiest person to love but he does, without a second thought or a flicker of doubt and for that I am very lucky.

Who else’s Husband would wipe away there mustache sweat?


To my love – thank-you, I love you and here’s to us.


A x

23 thoughts on “2 Years of Marriage.

  1. This is so beautiful I could CRY. AND YOU LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL. Ugh. Talk about goals. If I get a marriage and a love like this then girl am I blessed, I love this so much and you deserve all of this happiness and more. This made me so happy to read. Happy anniversary you lovely pair xxx

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    1. Ah thank you so much Chlo, that’s so kind❤️ I am very lucky indeed (smug bitch) – you’ll get it & when you least expect it – just don’t be afraid to love fiercely & let that guard down because it is worth it xxx

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  2. Puctures create such beautiful memories!
    Also you reminded me that I should do something sweet for my boyfriend. So Im gonna whatever ingredients we have and bake a cake before he gets home!! 🙂

    Btw, I’m in loooove with your wedding dress!!


  3. Congrats on your anniversary – hearing about weddings makes me so excited to go through it in the future. Your dress was so gorgeous, and you make such a nice couple! x

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