Ranked Table Service Meals – Breakfast – Walt Disney World

Welcome back my food loving friends & today we are going to look at Disney Breakfasts, my personal favourite meal of the day.

Footnote – I am writing this as I am watching TheTimTracker Vlogs and I just want to be back there so BAD!

For my previous posts on Disney Dining Plans, Quick Service and Reservations have a look at the below.

Although lots of Disney Goers usually grab a quick Breakfast, Dan & I did use quite a lot of our Dining Credits on Table Service Breakfasts, as we wanted to experience all the the Character interactions and also, we just love a good waffle mate.

Just a quick reminder that a Table Service meal is a sit down, waiter service meal. On the Standard Disney Dining Plan you get 1 TS Credit per person per day, on the Deluxe Plan you get 2 TS, Per Person Per Day and on Quick Service Plan you don’t get any.

The Crystal Palace – Magic Kingdom – 8/10

The Crystal Palace was our first meal on our first day & it was the perfect way to start our holiday. It is located in the Magic Kingdom at the top of Main Street, which is perfect to get there before the park opens as you are right outside the castle (great opportunity for quiet castle pictures). The breakfast is buffet style, with your standard eggs, bacon, sausages and waffles – which was all really good. However the the best bit of this restaurant is that you dine with Winnie the Pooh and friends. Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eyeore all come up to your table for a cuddle and a photo and it is wonderful (I welled up). The character interactions were amazing & it was genuinely the perfect start to our holiday – we will always do The Crystal Palace as our first place going forward.

If you aren’t using Disney Dining this Restaurant will set you back around $34.99 for breakfast.

Trails End – Fort Wilderness Resort – 10/10


Sorry for the complete media spam for this place but I just wanted to show just how amazing it is – once there and how you get there. Trials End is located at Fort Wilderness Resort & the best way to get there is via a boat from the Magic Kingdom, which is just amazing in itself. Fort Wilderness is a camping ground and it takes you out of the madness that is Disney and immerses you into a calm and serene forest – it is so peaceful and such a nice rest bite from the chaos. Most people head over to Fort Wilderness for the Hoop De Do Musical Review (a live wild west show) but we had heard amazing things via DFB on how good the Breakfast at Trials End is.

I am not kidding when I say this is one of the best places we ate at, if not the best… we went back twice. It was just incredible. It was buffet style but it had a country twist to all the food, the warm cinamon and pecan roll was DIVNE. It is also a small location and very quiet because it is a bit of a hidden gem, so all the food is fresh and no queues at all. The service was amazing, the location was perfect – we fell in love with it and was the highlight of our trip.

It is also so well priced compared to all the other breakfasts at around $25 per person.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall – Norway Pavilion – Epcot –  7/10

Akershus Royal Banquet is located in the Norway Pavilion of Epcot, right next to the Frozen Ever After ride. It is a Princess breakfast where you can expect to see Cinderella, Ariel, Snow, Aurora and Belle. The food is very European, a buffet of cold meats, smoked salmon and cheeses but you also get the usual hot food served at your table. The food was nothing to write home about if I am honest. The princesses were amazing, obviously they spend a lot more time with the children… rude… but they take time for a picture and chat with the adults too. It really was just lovely to see the children’s faces when they come over – literally made me well up. Ariel was amazing with me and Dan, she loved my tattoo (she almost broke character) and we had a selfie.

If you aren’t using a Dining Credit this is pretty pricey at around $60 per person.

Cinderalla’s Royal Table – Cinderella’s Castle, Magic Kingdom – 7/10

Cinderella’s Royal Table is another Princess Breakfast but is set in the Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom and we pretty much booked it for this reason. I wanted to eat in the castle. Again, like Akershus you can expect to see Ariel, Cinderella, Snow, Aurora but you get Jasmine instead of Belle.

This restaurant is classed as signature, which requires 2 Dining Credits per person. It is a menu and not buffet which I liked. The food was a lot better than Akershus but no where near enough to ask for two credits, the Princess interaction was not that great either. It was amazing to be in the castle but we wouldn’t go back – no where near worth the credits or prices. Oh you do get a plastic Fairy Godmother wand as a keepsake, which I got far to much excitement out of for a 30 year old woman.

It is also around $60 per person.

Trattoria Al Forna, Bon Voyage Breakfast – Disney’s Boardwalk – 8/10


Trattoria Al Forna is located at Disney’s Boardwalk which is incredible, you need to go and visit even if it is just for a stroll – it is so beautiful and feels very luxurious. This breakfast is a Disney Couple experience and was new in 2017 – you will see Ariel and Eric and Rapunzul and Flynn.

This is a menu order & not a buffet, which was nice. The food was really good and all Tangled and Mermaid themed, the service was fantastic and it was so nice to see the characters in their couples – I LOVE Flynn. I think Dan enjoyed this one most as he could chat with the Princes. It was fun, lively and the interactions were amazing.

It is also much cheaper than the other Princess breakfast – if you are only going to do 1 Princess meal then 100% do this one. The food, location and interactions was so much better.

Without the Disney Dining Plan this will set you back $35.99.

Ohana, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort –  9/10

Ohana is located at the Polynesian Village Resort, it is a Lilo and Stitch breakfast but you will also see Mickey Mouse and Pluto. The Polynesian is one of my favourite resorts and it is lovely to just go and visit. The restaurant looks out on the Seven Seas Lagoon and you get a great view of Cinderella’s Castle, which is lovely. The service is outstanding (everyone calls you cousin and I am here for that), the food was incredible – you are served this delicous pineapple bread when you walk in and the bacon, eggs, stitch waffles are served on a huge plate when you are sat down and it just keeps coming. If you are a big Stitch fan then this is a must!! We loved it here.

Without the Disney Dining Plan this will set you back $35.99.

Out of all the places we would definitely go back to Trials End, Ohana, Crystal Palace and Trattoria!

The next post will be the Best Disney Table Service @ Dinner, so stayed tuned!

What is your favourite breakfast spot at Disney?

A x

9 thoughts on “Ranked Table Service Meals – Breakfast – Walt Disney World

  1. Oh I need to get back to Disney again soo badly 😭 I miss it. You’re the cutest btw, I love how excited you get about everything (this will literally be me in 10 years minus the husband because no one will ever love me) xxx


  2. Aww the kiddos always get the most interaction lol it’s not fair! I would love to meet Stitch & all of the princesses! The food looks so delicious too of course, especially at Fort Wilderness & Trattoria!

    Can not wait for the dinner post! 😄

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