July Favourites.

Are we seriously in August already? What the hell is that about. Although I am quite looking forward to Autumn and it being a little bit cooler. I am sick of being sweaty all day. Having a shower to cool off, drying my hair and then being drenched in sweat again. It is becoming a tad annoying. I want to wear jeans and jumpers already. I have also seen some AMAZING Dr. Martens I want.

It was also my Two Year Anniversary this month, which was lovely. We went down to Dorset for the weekend, to check out Monkey World (my fav animals) and then stayed in Bath. We drove back home through Wiltshire to check out all the villages we are thinking about buying a house in next year. It was lovely to see a glimpse of our future, a tiny cottage in a parish in the country.

This what I have been enjoying in the month of July.

The Body Shop – Banana Yogurt – £8.50

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 13.53.08

I talked about this in my Body Shop Haul so have a read of that for the info but this moisturiser has just been perfect for the summer. It is so lightweight and non-greasy, it dries so quickly and doesn’t feel heavy in the heat. I have almost used it up and I will definitely re purchase. As much as I love the banana one, there are so many other lovely smells so I may try one of the others.

Happily Ever After Poster – Art of Disney, Walt Disney World Florida 

This is the official poster for the Firework Show at the Magic Kingdom and it is amazing. if you are a Disney fan, watch a video of it on YouTube – I guarantee you won’t have dry eyes. It is pure magic. Unfortunately there is no link for this – it has to be purchased in Walt Disney World. I didn’t get this during my trip as I wasn’t aware you could get one. I did a bit of research once I got home & found out it could be purchased in Art of Disney. My friend went to WDW in June and I asked her to order one for me and send it to my home. It just arrived and look how amazing it is, it is a little bit of the Magic Kingdom in my home.

Nivea Silk Mouse – £2.00

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 14.59.47.png

I am not used to shaving my legs so much. I usually do it once (maybe twice don’t judge) a week but due to the weather I am having to do it a lot more and my skin hasn’t loved it. Don’t know if it is just me but shaving dries my skin out. I brought this shower mouse during my weekly shop at Tesco and have been using this as a kind of shaving foam and I have found my skin doesn’t dry at all. I get a cleaner, smoother shave which is perfect.

Lush – Cherryish – £7.95

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 15.03.07.png

I pretty much love all Lush products but this is my newest fav. With my constant shaving, I also like to exfoliate my skin a lot. I always used the Scrubee from Lush but I thought I would give the Cherryish a whirl so picked it up on my last trip to Lush.

“Romeo and Juliet, they never felt this way I bet, but they didn’t have this chocolate and cherry delight to keep things smoothed over. Cherish skin with a moisturising scrub of Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and fine sea salt. As you stroke this mouth-watering handful over wet skin, a second helping of ground cherry stones help to get the blood flowing. With warm and uplifting cocoa absolute and a touch of sweet almond essential oil, you’ll be asking for more, more, more!”

It is quite a strong exfoliater (don’t know if that is a thing) but there is a lot of roughage in it – which I love. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth & so soft. If you want a gentle exfoliate then definitely use Scrubee but if you want a harsher one, then this is the one for you. My only concern is that it doesn’t last that long.

Vitamin E Gel Moisture Cream – £13.00

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 14.03.02

This was also in my Body Shop Haul and I love it. Just like the yogurt it is so light weight and sinks right into my skin. It has a lovely shimmery glisten to it which looks good if I don’t wear any make up, and also leaves a shimmer under my foundation. Beautiful moisturiser.

Costa – Watermelon & Coconut Cooler

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 15.23.49

I have been obsessed with this drink. I have one pretty much everyday. It is so refreshing on a summers day and it is sugar free so I don’t need to feel guilty. It is perfect and I love it. YEY Costa. They always nail a summer bev.

Anniversary Card – Thorful – £3.29


I don’t do lovey dovey. I don’t need my anniversary to tell Dan I love him, he already knows that. I don’t need a Hallmark message in a card to tell him how I feel. Thortful are great for my non-loving sarcastic needs, they do really funny, topical cards. I struggled to choose which one I wanted. But we live together, we shit together. He Stinks but I still love him in-spite of this. Now isn’t that more thoughtful and cuter? HA!

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Fab – £5.98


I was sent this from Glamour Beauty Club and I was more excited than I should of been when I received it. Razors are expensive firstly ad secondly, I had a nice new razor to use with my shaving foam. There are gel pads surrounding the blades and because of that you cannot feel the blades on your skin at all. It is in the name, it is fab.

What are your July favourites?

A x

24 thoughts on “July Favourites.

  1. That poster is amaaaazing! & that card is sooo cute & so much better than a cheesy Hallmark one! You’ve sold me on that body yogurt! When I run out of my current body lotion – I’m ordering that banana goodness!

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  2. Loved this, the Lush Cherryish exfoliator sounds really good!
    And I go to Disney World in September and it will be my first time seeing Happily Ever After… you’ve made me even more excited to see it:)


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