Only One – Walt Disney World

Welcome back Wilderness Explorers.

In today’s post I will picking one favourite from a number of categories for Walt Disney World.

I saw this post on one of the Facebook Groups I am a member of and thought it would be fun to answer. In actual fact I found it really hard. To only pick one thing in each category was not fun. NOT FUN at all. Instead of writing “this was a really hard choice” on each option, here’s a disclaimer it was all hard. I got really stressed, I saw Jesus, but then I managed to make a decision… after an hours pondering on each category.

Here we go:

Ride –Β Tower of Terror

If I only had to ride one ride, or pick my favourite it would be Tower of Terror. I think it is just amazing, I love the theming of the ride, so much so I enjoy the queuing line. The Cast Members are brilliant and completely take on their character. The ride is thrilling, immersive and every time I go on the drop sequence is different so it feels different each time. I absolutely love it.

Quick Service Restaurant – Blaze Pizza @ Disney Springs

I have written a post on the Quick Service restaurants we dined at, on our trip in April which you can check out here. Blaze Pizza was 100% our favourite, it was quick and delicious. One of the best meals we ate on Disney. So many different kinds of fresh, oven fired pizzas. Amazing.

Table Service Restaurant – Trails End @ Fort Wilderness

I have written a post on the Table Service restaurants @ Breakfast we dined at, on our trip in April which you can check out here.. We ate so many delicious meals at Walt Disney World but the fact we went back to Trails End twice must count for something. The location, the food, the price and the service was incredible. I would eat breakfast there every day.

Snack Food – Werthers Caramel Crispy Mickey @ Karamell Kuche, Epcot

I have a snack post coming up but this Caramel Crispy Mickey was absolutely delicious. There is nothing more Quintessential WDW than a Mickey Crispy treat but this one is covered in Werthers Caramel and is summin’ else. I am salivating at the thought.

Show – Frozen Sing a Long, Hollywood Studios

I love a show but this Frozen one is just brilliant. The fact that you can sing a long karaoke style with an entire auditorium full of Disney Lovers speaks to my soul. I was possibly the loudest person in the room and guys, I have no shame. I was living my Disney sining best life. The compares were HIL-A-RI-OUS and made this show fun for adults. We went back a number of times to watch this.

Fireworks – Happily Ever After, Magic Kingdom

I am not trying to take away from Wishes, because Wishes was incredible but Happily Ever After is just mind blowing. I remember watching it on YouTube on the premier day and I was sat in the bath, sobbing. It was just the most magical thing I had ever seen. Seeing it in real life, I just shook uncontrollably. I needed Flynn Rider to hold me until the pain went away. The song. The animation. The characters. The fireworks. The feels. The nostalgia. It is phenomenal. Side note – looking through my Insta stories for this I cried watching them. It’s just the best.

Resort – Disney’s Boardwalk Inn

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 12.30.52.png

I will never be able to afford to stay here but it is just beautiful. Walking along the promenade, feeling like a bougie bitch. I need that. One day maybe but until then it is my dream Disney Hotel. Maybe I can manifest up a stay there, like Mia suggests.

Park – Hollywood Studios

I love them all, all for different reasons but Hollywood Studios has the most amazing theming, it has my favourite ride, it is more chill and I just love being there. It feels a bit empty at the minute but I just love it. It has the most nostalgia for me and it feels so special. GAWD I miss it.

There we go, I feel very proud that I managed to make decisions because they were very difficult. Bring on 2020 when we are planning to go back!

What are your favourites for these categories?

A x

32 thoughts on “Only One – Walt Disney World

  1. ohhhh my god the look of the caramel crispy mickey! I love anything with caramel to be honest….mmm I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. If you’re ever in Disneyland Paris, my favourites were the toy story one and the pirates of the caribbean boat tour thingy. Also, does your Disneyland do the yearly half marathon? I feel like you’d LOVE it xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I am going to Disneyland Paris in March, for the first time and cannot wait! They have the same Toy Story and Pirates in Orlando which are both amazing!!!! I am pretty sure there are quite a lot of Disney marathons, there was a Star Wars one whilst we were there. I like the idea of it but I flipping hate any form of exercise and I’d die xx


  2. Next time you go to Disney I’m coming because you have everything down to a T hahahaha, I need to experience it with you!! ((The expert)) . Wish you’d stop posting pictures of amazing food when I’m trying to eat healthy tho…drool. Need that pizza & Mickey snack ASAP .xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahahha YES I am down for that! Literally spend my life watching Disney Vlogs so I feel like I am an expert. Let’s be honest you could make a bogey Mickey shaped and I’m gonna eat it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Liked by 1 person

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