Crushed Tonic|Update

Hi my lovelies,

This is coming a bit later than expected due to a busy Blog schedule but I am checking in after 15 days of using Crushed Tonic. Click here to read my first post all about Crushed Tonic, what it is, how I use it and the benefits.

A quick recap:

Crushed Tonic‘s ethos is to provide an anti-aging, wellness cocktail that is easy and delicious – you simply add the powder to coffee, smoothies or orange juice. They are specifically designed to nourish you at your cellular level, with each of the three ingestible ingredients (collagen, probiotics and biotin) targeting specific areas to makes your entire body feel healthier.

I was kindly gifted me 30 days worth of mixed Crushed Tonic drinks (Original, Turmeric and Matcha) and I have used a mix of them over the last 15 days.

The Original Crush I have been adding to my normal morning coffee or one of these pre made coffee products. It made my drinks a bit thicker but I couldn’t taste it at all.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 13.26.22

The Matcha Crush I added to warmed Almond Milk, this I could taste and I am not a huge lover of the Matcha taste but it wasn’t undrinkable. Just not as enjoyable as the Original, however, if you like Matcha than you will love this.

The Turmeric Crush I added to Orange Juice and it turned my juice into like a juice from a juice bar – you could really taste the cinnamon and as a big fan of those could of spicy flavours I really liked it.

I would say if you were interested in these products then get the 30 days of Original – you can add it to you morning coffee and it tastes no different. It is like you aren’t having it at all. Convenient, quick and has no taste affect to something you are already drinking.

As I said in my previous post,  it has been clinically proven that the benefits of the collagen in these Crush’s will replenish you at your cellular level in 2-4 weeks, which is why the 30 day drink kit is the suggested preference, so I didn’t expect to see many benefits in the first two weeks. However, I did, my nails weren’t as brittle, my hair wasn’t as brittle and my acne scars looked a little lighter. My skin even looks brighter, plumper and more glowy. I think it looks amazing.

I am very much looking forward to seeing what my skin looks like after the full 30 days.

Crushed Tonic can be brought online through their website, which can be found here and it is also for sale in Sephora.

A x

13 thoughts on “Crushed Tonic|Update

  1. I can totally see the difference!! Your skin is so glowy & smooth.

    I love that you can just drink something instead of applying a cream or other to improve your skin! That’s really cool!

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