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Back in June Dan & I joined my Mum and Dad on Holiday in Taormina in Sicily. My Mum and Dad had been in 2017, to the same Hotel and absolutely fell in love and they asked if we would like to join them there and celebrate my 30th Birthday in Sicily. Erm. Its a holiday, of course I want to go.

Sicily is somewhere I have always wanted to go because of the Food, I am obsessed with cooking programmes and so many take place in Sicily, it is a mecca for foodies and I was super excited for this reason.

We headed out there on 13th June and was there for 5 Nights.

Day 1

We flew from Heathrow with British Airways and were upgraded to Club Europe (Business Class) so we had access to the lounge, where we saw Gordon Ramsay and Gino Di’Campo… this was pretty cool, as I said I love cooking programmes and they have some of the best.

We got Priority Boarding, which is my actual favourite, as I can be a smug bitch and waft my boarding pass to all of the peasants behind me “coming through, coming through.. very important person is here” … I joke I joke, but you do feel rather smug when you get to the front of the queue and are sat at front of the plane with all the space. In Club, BA split the three seats into 2, with the middle seat acting as a table, which is so nice to have space. We also get a food service and free drinks.


The flight was only 2 and a bit hours, which went super quick, although I had to watch my mum struggle with how to put her bluetooth headphones in for about 15 minutes. Why do parents struggle so much with technology. Seriously. Put them in your damn ears woman.

We got to Sicily and went straight out for a quick dinner, I had a Pizza (obvs) with anchovies and artichokes. Was amazing. Italian pizza is the one.

We then went to the Hotel to check in & get to sleep. The Hotel we stayed at was called Villa Angela, it is located on the side of a mountain and looks out at Mt. Etna. It only has 27 rooms, so it is super small and more like a boutique hotel. Fun Fact, it is owned by Jim Kerr from Simple Minds (Don’t You, Alive & Kicking – think Breakfast Club soundtrack) – as a Simple Minds fan I loved that. My Mum and Dad met him after we left (they stayed for an extra week).


The hotel is ran by his nephew Sam, who was just amazing, the entire staff were – we felt like it was a home away from home. Nothing was ever too much and you felt apart of a family.

Our room was beautiful and had a MASSIVE balcony that had the most amazing view. It was breathtaking.

Time for sleep!

Day 2

I woke up and it was my 30th Birthday! I spent the day reading, sunbathing and eating. We had a lovely Birthday lunch at the Hotel, with some complimentary Prosecco from Sam. It was delicious. We then went out to a restaurant for dinner at the top of one of the mountains in the Castelmola area of Taormina called Chicchirichi which is a small family run restaurant – there was no menu, you just got 8 courses of what the Chef cooks. It was absolutely incredible. One of the best meals I have ever eaten. It was really special and I definitely recommend doing something like this. It is a way of trying new things that you normally wouldn’t.

I had an amazing 30th Birthday and its not something I will forget.



Day 3

More reading, sunbathing and eating in the day. I don’t want to exert myself too much, know what I mean.

For the evening we headed into Taormina town centre, the Hotel provides a bus system which takes you there and back, which is fab. We had a stroll through the centre, which is beautiful. Very like most Italian towns with windy cobbled streets and lots of gelato shops. We had a drink in a bar and watched the world go by and then headed to dinner. It was a beautiful little restaurant on a small roof terrace, surrounded my flowers and candles. Very romantic. I had a fish course, which was delicious. We then walked back and got some Gelato, I had Ferrero Rocher YUM!!


Day 4

More reading, sunbathing and eating… if you want to know what I thought of the books I read (it was about 6 books) then let me know!

We headed back out to Taormina for something to eat, to look out at the views and have a drink. Not much different but who wants to do much on holiday.



Day 5

Beach day. The Hotel arranged for us to go down to the Beach, where you are reserved loungers as part of a restaurant. The beach was very pebbly, so we took these very attractive scuber shoes to protect our feet when going into the water. Even though we looked horrendous, my feet were extremely grateful. We spent all day at the Beach and then headed out to Taormina for our last evening. We had a beautiful dinner, followed by more Gelato (Clementine and Banana this time).




Day 6

We had a full day by the pool, finishing off one of my books and then flew home around 19:00. We were upgraded on our return flights as well, so we got all the amazing space and managed to get a bit of shut eye.

We had an absolutely amazing time in Sicily and completely understand why my mum & dad want to go there every year. Villa Angela felt like a home, with an incredible personalised service and Taormina town was quaint and beautiful, which was full of beautiful restaurants with fresh, delicious menus. I know understand why some many food programmes rave about Sicilian food – it is some of the best I have ever eaten. I love that there were lots of bars sat facing the streets, so you could sit and relax with a drink watching people walk past. It was beautiful. I love Italy, it is my favourite country in the world, it just feels like home and Sicily is definitely one of our favourite destinations within Italy.

La Dolce Vita. 

A x

41 thoughts on “Taormina, Sicily Travel Blog

      1. I was sent to Italian school after my normal school 3 days a week from a really young age, my nonno and nonna didn’t and still don’t speak English to me, they refuse. Best way to learn! Definitely think it’s a quality being able to speak it fluently although I’d never want to live in Italy, i much prefer the Canary Islands haha x


  1. So jealous that you got to see Gordon Ramsay! & am laughing about your mom & the bluetooth headphones. 😂

    The dinner for your birthday sounds amazing. I’ve always wanted to do a chef’s selection coursed meal!

    Ooh. I’ve got quite a few out of the 6 books you read on my TBR list, I would so love to hear what you thought about all of them!

    Beautiful photos, Abby!! So glad you had such a nice 30th birthday!! ♡

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha I took a video of her doing it, 5 minutes of her struggling Dan had to jump in and show her how to put them in 😂😂

      It was incredible, you need to do it. You just try so many wonderful things you normally wouldn’t choose.

      I will do a post on them so you can see what I thought but they were all fab, Eleanor Oliphant being my favourite.

      Thank you my lovely ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha that’s too funny. 😀 I will def have to try it!! Maybe for our anniversary in November we will do something like that.

        Looking forward to your post!! ❤ Have heard sooo many wonderful things about Eleanor Oliphant.


  2. Wow look at you putting your feet up in business class fancy lady !! These photos are beautiful. Also, I want a review on all of those books. ASAP. Thx. I read Gone Girl on holiday (cliche I know) but I LOVED it, I don’t usually read that type of genre even though I know it’s something I’d really enjoy (makes no sense right?) but I was HOOKED. I’ve also been eyeing Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine for a while…I need to get to Italy because Italian food is my forte. Just carbs on carbs. Who doesn’t like carbs?? Looks like you had an AMAZING time .xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so fancy shmancy. Thanks lovely, I love taking pictures of places – specially when they are so beautiful.
      I love Gone Girl, one of my favs! Ah there are so many wonderful books in that genre, better than Gone Girl!! You are missing out!
      You need to read Eleanor – trust me, you will absolutely love it. It’s one of the best books I’ve read, she was the most wonderfully funny and heartbreaking character. I fell I love with her.
      Trust me. You haven’t eaten unless you’ve been to Italy. It is summon’ else.
      Yes, we had the most wonderful time ❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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