Disney Tattoo Update

Quick and small update today my lovelies. We ran out of time to get Rapunzel & Tiana outlined so that is happening in September. However, we did finish off my Disney Park Tattoo and guys… it is my favourite yet. I am so in love with it.

I have just read Chloe’s post about her new tattoo and I feel bad for not having some beautiful meaning behind my tattoos (literally puts me to shame with her wonderful words about her tattoo choices) but Disney is just my fav, it reminds me of my childhood and makes me happier than anything in the world… and that’s about it for a meaning. I guess I am just about as deep as puddle… a puddle of Mickey shaped ice cream.

We decided to keep it mainly black, white and grey and put in slashes of colour. If I don’t say so myself, it looks fucking beautiful.

I cannot wait to be in Disney with it…217 days until Disneyland Paris and a fair few more until Walt Disney World ✨ (not even booked but hopefully some point in 2020)

Back to the sleeve next month !

As always my amazing tattooist and friend is Toni Gwilliam ❤️

What do you guys think of the finished piece?

A x

16 thoughts on “Disney Tattoo Update

  1. WOOOOW girl literally I already told you I just like to talk shit hahaha I can ramble for ages !! This is BEAUTS. The colours are GORGEOUS. I’m so excited to see Rapunzel I could cry. Just an FYI I’m starting a petition for you to get Pascal because that would make my whole entire life. I’d die. Absolutely die. Ok. MORE UPDATES SOON PLEASE ROLL ON SEPTEMBER xxx

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