Why I love to Travel|Top 10 Bucket List Destinations PT1

I sometimes wish I could leave my job, give up saving for a house, pack a bag and travel indefinitely. I know it’s a massive cliche, but I would pick a place on a map and start there. I have been lucky enough to Travel in the past: the majority of South East Asia, Europe and India – I have been with friends, with Dan and solo, each giving me a different experience. There is something so romantic about landing in a country, with only a bag on your back and ideas in your mind. Without sounding like a Gap YAHHH twunt because, we all know I am far too brash and uncouth to be that but…when I am travelling I like to truly immerse myself in the culture, meet people and eat a lot of food (you learn so much about people from food).

I remember a time in Cambodia, I was cycling around a town called Takeo (I know cycling… it hasn’t happened since don’t worry) and I went passed a small village. I stopped to take some pictures and this lovely lady came over, she asked me if I wanted a drink and invited me into her home – I met the entire family, had the most wonderful conversations and was asked to stay for dinner (it was delicious) and I was there around 5 hours  It is something I won’t ever forget, broken conversation but filled with laughter, happiness and human kindness. For me, this is what travelling is all about and why I want to give it all up and go back.

If I could give it all up now these destinations are top of my list (I will go to all of them someday even if we don’t travel). Prefix – a lot of these are to do with food and animals…

I am going to do this in 2 parts because it would be too long otherwise.

Tokyo & Mount Joshino – Japan 🇯🇵

If I am honest, I am not a huge fan of cities – due to my anxiety, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of people and not entirely safe. However, there is something about Tokyo that fascinates me, that juxtaposition of old meets new in a melting pot of culture. It’s just incredible and I would love to experience it. There is a place I want to eat in Tokyo called Yakitori Masakichi that I saw on David Chang’s Ugly Delicious and it looked life changing, so much so it made him emotional… now that’s good food.

I also want to see the famous blossom of Japan and from what I can see Mount Joshino is the best place to see it. It looks magically, like something dreamed up in a book by CS Lewis.

Galapagos Islands – Ecuador 🇪🇨  

The Galapagos Islands are a wildlife sanctuary, Giant Tortoise, Penguins and Iguanas and I want to see them all. It looks like somewhere completely out of my norm, a remote island surrounded by nature and animals.

Borneo – Indonesia 🇮🇩  

I LOVE Indonesia, I have been to Bali twice and it was one of the best places I have had the pleasure of going to. The people, the food and landscape was out of this world. I really want to go to Borneo & volunteer within a Orangutan sanctuary. They are one of my absolute favourite animals and I would love to be able help in their rehabilitation in some way.

Gorilla Trekking – Rwanda 🇷🇼

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 21.45.59

Again, like the Orang-utan, Gorilla Trekking is an actual dream. Seeing Silver Back Gorilla’s in the wild would be they most amazing experience. They are such incredible animals & to be able to see them in their natural environment would make my entire life. It makes me slightly emotional to think about it haha.

Copenhagen – Denmark 🇩🇰

I have never been to Scandinavia, mainly because it is really expensive but it looks so beautiful. The harbour, the cobbled streets and architecture looks incredible. It is also home to one of my MUST go to restaurants, Noma. Chef Rene’s amazing menu is something I have to sample in this life time.

 What are you Top Destinations? 

If you are interested in my previous travel experiences, please let me know.

A x

28 thoughts on “Why I love to Travel|Top 10 Bucket List Destinations PT1

  1. Justin really wants us to travel to Japan next year, but I think we’re gonna end up going somewhere within the US for our first big vacation together (just the two of us). The one we planned to Tennessee this summer failed due to scheduling errors, so we’ll try it again in 2019….

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    1. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of luxury but I think if you are going travelling, rather than a holiday you need to spend time within the actual country. Otherwise, you could just be in a nice hotel, in any old country?
      I’d love to do Iceland and see the northern lights xx


  2. Brilliant post! None of these are on my bucket list though as I’m such a home bird. I’d love to buy a holiday home in Spain one day but I’ll never leave the UK completely as I’m always aware of how fortunate I am to live where we live. I’d love to holiday in Egypt, Mexico and Dubai though x

    My new blog post is here! 💫🌸 I’d love if you gave it a read and left a comment 😘

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  3. I didn’t know you’d done so much travelling – that’s freaking awesome! All of these places sound awesome, anything with nature and/or food and I’m sold. Personally, I have to admit, I’m also not the biggest fan of cities either xx

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  4. Great List. Japan is beautiful and I love the Disneyland there and since you are a Harry Potter fans and a foodie, you will love it there:)

    We were in Galapagos 2 years ago and it was fantastic. We want to visit again in the future. Love it over there and the wildlife was great. I had problem with crusing though.. other than that, it was amazing.

    Btw, if you ever come to Copenhagen, please please visit Kong Hans Kælder, AOC or Marshal Restaurant but not Noma. Sorry… we visited the place in 2012 and it was awful. The food presentation was great and beautiful but the taste of the food itself is not deserving to be the best restaurant in the world. We also visited Kin Kin (their child Restaurant) and 108 Restaurant. But for the food, it was not the best compare with other Michelin Restaurants we dined around the world.

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      1. You welcome. True.. most people think it would but reality is not. They just reopen their restaurant after closing it down, and they do not have any Michelin award now. We have not try it this year as I am reluctant to go there. Btw, Geranium Restaurant also great but more expensive than other Restaurant. it cost Dkk3000 (almost usd500) per person just for the meal and the wine matching almost cost the same.

        Let me know if you come to Copenhagen, we can give you a pointer about nice restaurant with good food:)

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      2. I really am shocked at that. I’m going to check out all of the restaurants you have said, in a huge foodie and just love looking at menus.
        We definitely want to come in the near future so I for sure will let you know. Do you live in Copenhagen?

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