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Hi Friends!

Who here loves a bargain? Because I do. Why would you spend £40 on a product when you can pay £5 and get the same thing… Am I right?

I had heard that Aldi (a German discount Supermarket) houses a brand called Lacura which have recreated High End beauty products (Liz Earle Hot Cleanse & Polish, Glam Glow, Jo Malone, Diptique, La Prairie etc.) for a fraction of the price. If they are cheap, they must not work right? That was my initial thought. How can they? Pullin’ our friggin leg surely.

Now I haven’t tried any of these products as I have only just purchased them but Beauty Bloggers everywhere rave about the Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser and the Lacura Caviar Range (they sold 60,000 jars on the FIRST day it was released… Shit mate)

I have brought some items from the Caviar range as the Aldi I went to actually had it in store (RESULT) but I will do a separate post on that, after I have been using it for a while to give a full review – stay tuned for that.

So what did I buy & how much does it cost compared to the original product?



The Aldi Candle No.2 Blackberry & Bay and No.17 Basil & Neroli are dupes of Jo Malones candles, with exactly the same name.

My Aldi No. Candles are 140g of weight and cost £1.49 and the Jo Malone equivalent are 200g and £45… £43.51 MORE. Crazy. They smell just the same. SHOOK.

If you would like when I come back to review the Caviar range & Mud mask I can update on how long the burn is on these, let me know.

 The Berries candle which is a dupe of the Diptyque Bais Candle was also £1.49 and 160g, where the Diptyque is 190g and like the Jo Malone it is £45. Again, if you want to know the burn time & burn scent let me know.

But come the fuck on Bridget… is this real? Is it a sick joke? Is it just me that is amazed by this price difference?



This diffuser is also a dupe of the Peony and Blush scent in the Jo Malone range.

I can’t actually find a diffuser in this scent in the Jo Malone collection. Odd.

The diffuser comes with the black rattan sticks, the classic packaging that Jo Malone is famous for and 100ml bottle of the fragrance – this cost me £3.99… the Jo Malone diffusers are 165ml but are SXITY FIVE POUNDS. That is crazy.

Skin Care

The Lacura Charcoal Clearing Mudmask is a dupe of the Holy Grail Mask, Glam Glow Super Mud. Super Mud is one of my all time favourite products, I use it every Sunday, without fail and there is nothing that has benefitted my skin more. I swear by it.

This product holds the same amount as the Glam Glow Mud mask (50g) & smells EXACTLY the same, like weirdly so. It has the same consistency and shimmer, if you took the labels off you wouldn’t know the difference. The Lacura Mud Mask cost me £5.99 and the Glam Glow is £42. THIS IS CRAZY MATE

I don’t know what this Eye Cream is a dupe of, summin’ posh though right? (does anyone know?) It cost me £3.99 and again is raved about by Beauty Bloggers. I don’t like the smell but I do like the gel like consistency. Let’s see if it works but for £3.99… WHO THE FUCK CARES.

Like I mentioned earlier I have some products for the renowned Caviar range so if you have been interested in that, stay tuned for an honest review. I will also update on the mask, eye cream and home fragrances as well in that post. 

Thanks my huns.

A x

Have you tried any of these Aldi productS?

31 thoughts on “Aldi Knock Offs|Haul

      1. Yes! Definitely let me know what you find & if their are any other goodies.
        Mine didn’t have the hot cloth cleanser or there’s another mask dupe (can’t remember what it is off the top of my head) x

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  1. As soon as I saw the title of this post I was like YES. Candles and diffusers are a must (I’m obsessed) need to get myself down to Aldi – £4 compared to £65 is crazy! (never understood how Jo Malone can justify their extortionate prices) xxx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. We have none here! It’s the saddest thing ever. 😦 I bought an off-brand gel memory foam mattress topper from Aldi once & it was heaven!!! So much cheaper & better than that name-brand!!

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