Day In London| Heathers & Brasserie Zédel

Hi Friends,

Last Saturday my mum & I went into London and had a wonderful day filled with delicious food and west end singing. I had been wanting to see Heathers the Musical as soon as I heard Carrie Hope Fletcher was cast as Veronica and it was coming to the West End. I absolutely love the 80s film staring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater and had previously listened to the Broadway soundtrack and I knew it was going to be amazing.

We headed into London in the morning as we were seeing the matinee performance of Heathers (which you will find out later was the BEST choice I have ever made). We live around 30 minutes away from Central London so it is easily accessible for us. I am really grateful for that as we can go into London and see shows & dine without that huge travel expensive or time.

We went straight to Brasserie Zédel, which my mum had found online and thought it looked beautiful. It was around a 5 minute walk from the Theatre (just by Piccadilly Circus Tube Station) so it was super convenient. I find London quite overwhelming and it can often set my anxiety off, so the least amount of travel around on tubes is the better for me. The restaurant was absolutely stunning, it had an art deco feel to it, covered in beautiful prints and extravagant decor.


The main dining hall was massive & stunning – it reminded me of something you would find in Disney World (right at home) as it was so themed.


The menu is all French cuisine, some of my favourite foods and it was a very reasonable price for Central London and in the Theatre District, you were looking around £16 for a main course. The menu was in French & for this uncultured girl, I couldn’t understand it so they gave me one in English… thank god, as I really didn’t want to order Frog Legs by mistake.


I choose the French Onion Soup, perfect for a rainy autumnal day and butterflied grilled sardines on a kind of ratatouille base with french fries on the side… can you even go to a French restaurant without having Pommes Frites… yes you are right I know what fries are in French 😉

Side Note – really bad blogger and ate my main without taking a picture but I was mid conversation and completely forgot but it was REALLY good.


The food was really good, the restaurant was beautifully themed and the bill came to only £50 for 2 starters and mains… which for London is so well priced. I would really recommend this.

We then headed over to the Haymarket Theatre to take our seats for the 15:00 matinee show of Heathers the Musical.


As I said earlier, I am so glad I booked this showing of Heathers as Carrie didn’t perform in the evening show as she was poorly. I know Olivia, her understudy, would have been incredible but I so wanted to see Carrie.

I knew the storyline and had listened to the Soundtrack loads of times before seeing this, so I knew I was going to love it but I really cannot express how much better it was than I had even expected. It was so unbelievably funny, me and mum were in stitches for about 90% of the show. (Disclaimer -It is a dark comedy, a little bit like Book of Mormon, where quite serious issues are laughed at so if that isn’t your kind of humour you may not like this).  The Actors/Actresses were insane, their voices were incredible and their acting was mesmerising to watch. If you are a Carrie fan and have not seen her sing live… WOW just WOW. I have seen a lot of Musicals & the power and emotion behind her voice was goosebump, tearing up, lump in throat worthy AND she wasn’t very well. Jamie Muscato was equally as great, his voice was just beautiful and the way he moved from love sick heat throb to crazed psychopath through his acting and sining was amazing.

I also loved Jodie Steele as Heather Chandler, she really was a mythic bitch but so incredibly funny. I think she stole the show for us.

My favourite songs were Freeze Your Brain, Dead Girl Walking, My Dead Gay Son, Kindergarten Boyfriend and of course, Seventeen.

I also loved the crowd interaction, at most musicals you get very well deserved clapping but the rest of the time the audience are silent but everyone was wooping, laughing, clapping, crying and it was such a wonderful experience. It was a smaller theatre as well so it felt quite intimate.

Our tickets were £65 each and we were sat in the Royal Box, these were good seats but because it was a small theatre, you really could sit anywhere and have a good view. I would suggest avoiding the sides of the circles but apart from that you are good.

I would go back & see this again in a heartbeat. It was so so good and would 100% recommend if you love musicals, carrie and dark comedy.

After the show we went to a little Caffé for a coffee and cake – I had a cappuccino and Scone with Jam and Cream (which way to you put it on?) It was lovely to have a sit and a chat about the show. The Coffee and Cakes were delicious.

Also – just wanted to show my eyeshadow look for the day as I was loving the pink look.

A x

18 thoughts on “Day In London| Heathers & Brasserie Zédel

  1. This looks AMAZE (and you look gorgeous as always), I’ve never actually been to London to do the whole touristy thing but it always looks like such a good little day out, should probably add it to my to do list… looks like you had an amazing time – so glad you got to see Carrie!! Lucky that you got the earlier booking and were able to see her! xx

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  2. Oh my gosh, I need to see Heathers the film & then I need to see this musical!! Sounds like it was absolutely phenomenal!!

    That restaurant is so beautiful, I admit I whimpered a little because I didn’t get to see a photo of the sardines haha!!

    So glad that you chose the matinee & were able to see Carrie perform liked you wanted to. ♡

    The caffe you went to after looks adorable & you & your makeup are gorgeous! ♡

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    1. Ah it was amazing – such a good musical and Carrie was so good!!!! I loved the film, was one of my favourites when I was younger, you need to watch!
      Hahahaha – ah god I’m so sorry but I’m such a greedy bitch I just rammed it in my gob & then realised 😂
      Ah you are the best, thank you ❤️

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