30 Days with Crushed Tonic

Good Day to my skin loving goddesses,

In true Abby form this post is coming later than expected but never the less we are here…

So, I have finished my 30 days with Crushed Tonic but before we get into the end of the course review, let’s take a trip  back in time and recap on what Crushed Tonic is and how it has performed in the first 15 days.

A Quick Recap On Crushed Tonics Benefits

Crushed Tonic 1

Unless you have been living under a rock, then you would have heard all about ingestible collagen and how this is a more effective way of getting collagen into your system. Crushed Tonic‘s ethos is to provide an anti-aging, wellness cocktail that is easy and delicious – you simply add the powder to coffee, smoothies or orange juice. They are specifically designed to nourish you at your cellular level, with each of the three ingestible ingredients (collagen, probiotics and biotin) targeting specific areas to makes your entire body feel healthier.

I was kindly gifted me 30 days worth of mixed Crushed Tonic drinks (Original, Turmeric and Matcha) and have followed the course by adding the powder to my morning coffee, juice or warmed Almond Milk. 

For more specific information on Crushed Tonic and the effects in my first 15 days then check out these posts: 

Crushed Tonic|Collagen, Probiotic and Biotin 

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What was great…

  • It was so easy… you simply add the powder to your coffee/juice give it a stir and drink. I am not taking in any more liquid than I normally would. My morning routine remains the same and I didn’t forget.
  • The taste was good (on two of the products)… when I add the original to my coffee I actually don’t taste it, it makes the drink a little thicker but that’s it. The turmeric made my orange juice taste like a health juice (very gingery) – so it felt like a shot of health in the morning.
  • My skin was visibly clearer… I have horrendous scaring on my face from teenage acne and it really lessened the scaring and made it less obvious. My skin was also brighter, plumper and had less breakouts.
  • My hair is thicker and growing… I have pretty good hair anyway as I really look after it but it has been even glossier than normal. My eyelash hair has also grown, my eyelash technician has mentioned a couple of times that my eyelashes have more hairs… now this could be down to my hair cycle but possibly not?
  • My general wellbeing has been better… I don’t feel as tired, or lethargic which for me, the lazy sloth that I am, is fantastic.

*Pictures* Before Crushed Tonic, 15 Days in, after 30 Days…


What wasn’t so great…

  • It isn’t cheap… the 30 day course is $115 which isn’t something everyone has the luxury of affording. I also live in the UK so the customs charge was £25 which is really expensive. If you put it against a beauty treatment (peel, derma roll etc) which has some of the same effects it is really good value for money but still not everyone can afford this.
  • Matcha is not for me… I really don’t like the taste of Matcha so it was a struggle to get this down, I would just like the Original and Turmeric.

Overall… the Crushed Tonic pros definitely outweigh the cons, it might be a little pricey but it does what it says it will, my skin and health is much better. It is super easy to use, and doesn’t mean you need to create a different routine (I struggle with a routine change and will forget to take) and the Turmeric and Original taste really good in a coffee or juice.

Where to buy…

I hope this has been helpful my lovelies

A x

17 thoughts on “30 Days with Crushed Tonic

    1. My fingernails are definitely stronger but they have always been pretty good at growing. It’s mainly my skin that has benefitted. I’ve been drinking more water & my diet and skin care has been better as well – so it must be a concoction of all these things! X

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