Lacura Caviar Illumination Moisturisers|Review

Hi my Lovelies,

A couple of weeks ago I published my Aldi Haul and I mentioned in there that I had purchased the Lacura Caviar Illumination Day & Night moisturisers. I have been testing them out since I purchased them, so I could give you a full on review.

The Caviar Illumination range is a £6.99 dupe of the £362 La Prairie Skin Caviar … I know. That’s a HUGE price point difference. Both moisturisers have Caviar extract as their selling point, and this ingredient is a source of marine nutrients that will help to completely nourish the skin.

This product sold 60,000 in the FIRST day, and people were selling it on sites like Ebay for almost the same price as the La Prairie original! The product has finally come back to Aldi’s shelves & I was lucky enough to snatch it up!

About Lacura Caviar Illumination

Each moisturiser contains powerful anti-aging Caviar extract – an energetic ingredient which is very rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and lipid components.

 The specifically designed active ingredient compositions help to detoxify the skin cells by reducing the level of pro-ageing agents and local micro-inflammations

It will decrease skin redness and enhance natural skin glow.

The cosmetics effects are confirmed by scientific study results after two months.

Day Cream


The Lacura Caviar illumination Day Cream SPF-15 offers the ideal anti-aging protection for day time. It is light in texture and it can be worn under make-up to help rehydrate and protect skin from external environment influences. As well as Caviar this products ingredients also consist of Snow Algae which stimulates collagen synthesis and counteracts the skim ageing process, and Hyaluronic Acid which will intensely moisturise your skin.

Night Cream


Caviar Illumination Night Cream offers deep skin hydration whilst you sleep, it’s rich texture ensures intensive regeneration of the skin to improve suppleness and prepares the skin to help fight daily environmental influences.  As well as Caviar this products ingredients also consist of Snow Algae which stimulates collagen synthesis and counteracts the skim ageing process, and Hyaluronic Acid which will intensely moisturise your skin.

What are the results these products claim…?

♡ Elasticity improves and radiance is restored ♡

♡ Skin becomes smoother and silkier ♡

♡ Youthful radiant appearance ♡

♡ Deeply moisturisers and decreases the appearance of wrinkle depth by up to 35% ♡

♡ Supports to repair the effects of ageing by stimulating the most abundant collagens in the skin. ♡

♡ Helps prevent and reduce skin imperfections and redness ♡

♡ Prepares skin for daily external influences ♡

♡ Provides the skin with the power of protecting and regeneration ♡

My Thoughts…

  • The packaging is stunning, it is heavy, luxe and feels high end ✓
  • The tubs are full to the brim, you literally couldn’t fit anymore product in them ✓
  • It smells delicious, like you are putting something amazing on your face ✓
  • The creams are rich, thick and creamy – feel lovely on the skin ✓
  • It absorbs right into your skin & doesn’t feel sticky, oily or heavy ✓
  • I usually wear a gel moisturiser in the day as I have oily skin. This moisturiser has been amazing under the majority of my foundations but I have tried it under a few and my Huda Beauty and Kat Von D have become very greasy by the end of the day – so need to be careful with that. ✕
  • My skin is smoother, soft and radiant  – it looks beautiful. I couldn’t be happier. ✓
  • It really does everything it claims to do ✓
  • And the most important… these products are £6.99 each (or £13.98 as a bundle) and contain the SAME ingredients as a nearly £400 moisturiser… surely that sells it. ✓

If you are interested in this product you can buy it from Aldi’s website here.

A x

*All product information is from the product leaflets. 

16 thoughts on “Lacura Caviar Illumination Moisturisers|Review

  1. Wow! Aldi is really moving up! They have online shopping now?! That’s a life changer lol. I love that this moisturizer worked out for you!!! It really proves that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for some good skincare.

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  2. Omg I so need to go to Aldi and try out their dupe products, they sound so amazing! I am so curious to try out their perfumes too! Its also good that it smells nice, nothing worse than a gross smelling cream haha! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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