Finding a little bit of Fantasy and Magic in Reality

Hi my Lovelies,

By now you all know how much I love magic & fantasy, my body is painted in Disney nostalgia and if I am not reading Harry Potter then you will find me cuddled up on my sofa (in Disney PJs) watching one of the films. For me, there is nothing more special than finding magic in your everyday life, and this post will be explain the ways, such as VR and Disney World, that keep that spark of fantasy alive in my reality.

Walt Disney World or the Disneyland Parks


Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is followed by the tagline ‘The Most Magical place on Earth’ so what better place to start than here, because it really is.  Walt created these parks so that children and adults alike could step through the gates, separate from their age and experience a place of nostalgia, happiness and magic. Everything from the architecture, Cast Members, the food and the attractions take you out of reality and immerse you into a land of make believe where anything can happen. When meeting characters you forget that it isn’t Cinderella because everything around you tells you it is. The feeling I get when walking past the sign that reads:

“Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.”

I believe it, and a wave of emotion passes through me – I forget who I am, and embrace the Peter Pan inside of myself and truly allow myself to be happy. Walt Disney World is a place of magic & for that I will always love it and want to return.

For Holidays or more information on Disney World or the Disney Land parks can be found here.

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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and The Warner Brothers Studio Tour (The Making of Harry Potter)

Similarly to Walt Disney World The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Flordia also brings me into a world that I conjured into my head at 11 years old. I have always loved books, my mum ignited the passion in me for make believe when I was very young. Harry Potter was one of the first books I read on my own and it set a light off inside me. I grew up with Harry and have aways felt that he is a huge part of me. I first went to the Studio Tours in Watford when it opened and I remember this wave of emotion hitting me when I saw the Great Hall for the first time, it was truly spectacular to see something that I had only imagined in my head for so long. When I waked into Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley at Universal & Islands of Adventure in Florida early this year it was even more magical, the detail they had put into building this world was so magical I was completely overwhelmed. Hogwarts was there to welcome me home & I had never felt more whole.

For more information or booking The Wizarding World of Harry Potter click here or for information and tickets to The Studio Tour click here.


Virtual Reality

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 16.34.48.png

Virtual Reality gaming has allowed us to switch off from the outside world, put on a head set and become completely consumed by fantasy. The picture of your reality has disappeared and everywhere you look a new one – you can become a War Hero, a Musician, Racing Car Driver or become apart of your own horror film, simply by putting on a headset. When we were in Disney World, Dan went and tried the Star Wars virtual reality experience where he became a Storm Trooper and as a HUGE Star Wars fan I have never seen him more fulfilled and full of happiness. The fact that this Virtual Reality magic can be accessed from your own sofa is simply incredible and amazes me into wondering where technology will take us next.

For the best deals on a VR sets click here.


Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 16.35.46.png

Christmas will always be the most magical time of the year, the decorations, the spirit and family make it something I count down to continuously throughout the year. It is a time when we see people happier, kinder and full of hope. The tale of Santa Claus is the largest magical folklore (not unlike Briar Rose or Snow White) to be recognised and celebrated world wide. I love Christmas, I love what it does to everyone and that for a fraction of the year we all live and believe in the land of make believe and magic. Who knows, that VR set might make the perfect gift for someone so they can keep the magic alive all year!

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What brings magic into your life?

A x

10 thoughts on “Finding a little bit of Fantasy and Magic in Reality

  1. I’ve never tried VR and I haven’t visited any Disney parks YET but I did go to the magical world of Harry Potter in the Cali Universal Studios. It was soooo mesmerizing. I couldn’t believe I was really there– incredibly magical! & I agree about Christmastime, too!! ♡

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  2. I never been to any Disneyland parks and never really wanted to because I’m not really an amusement-parks person but I guess now I want to visit at least one! Hope I’m not too late 😝 And I never tried VR yet. It’s still something new here.


  3. I freaking loved reading this post, it is the most magical and happy post ever!! Harry Potter world sounds so amazing, I am also so desperate to go back to Disneyland. Everyone needs a bit of Disney in their life right?xxx


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